Bonjour. I am in Paris already for a week and I visited a lot of places and done a lot of photos but the main reason why I am here is that my parents are opening here a shop and I came to Paris to see it,help a little bit and of course learn french :P
In the time I had some free time I decided to get more confident.
In total I am very confident and don't care at all what do people think about me but sometimes when I try to make some photos and someone is just staring at me I get very shy.
So I went on a busy street and made some pictures and I think It could have helped me ;)

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Sasha pisze...

Colorful look!!!
I follow you, hope you follow me back!


Emilija Young pisze...

Omg, i always dreamed to go to Paris, but everytime i came to France i got to Nice, Cannes, Lion, BUT NOT PARIS! that is getting on my nerves ughtt!
But i looked trought your blog and i must say that you have great taste in fashion! You are really brave to be who you want to be and that is inportant. Fuck what other thinks, be you!
I am following you now, i hope you will follow me back!
I will keep my eye on you!

Darina pisze...

Amazing post... love the pics... perfect :) Do you wanna follow each other?

Roxana Ifrim pisze...

Love your outfit, so colorful and fresh!

Feel free to check-out my latest blog post and if you like, follow me on GFC, I'll follow you back :)

Ruxandra Ioana pisze...

Bonjour ! :) YEs, lovely city ^^
Cool blog as well.
New follower here.
Hope you can stop by mine and follow if you like, as well:D
<< From Brussels, with Love>>

Nico pisze...

Really funny shots!
What about follow each other?

Michelle Verpuggi pisze...

Lovely babe ! Paris is the best city of the world! I follow you now xjes

pigeon pisze...

looooveeee your colors! <3
[my weirdoland -]

Isa pisze...

Hi, sure we can follow each other if you like follow me and i'll follow you back <3

Please like me on facebook

True pisze...

Great pics doll! Would u like to follow eachother?! X

True pisze...

Followin u now! Hope u follow back! X

Sorana Nistor pisze...

nice outfit !
maybe you would like to follow each other?

Margaret Cruzemark pisze...

This is so so cool. Your style totally rocks!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

embui_fashion pisze...

Lovely pics :)

I'm following you, Could you check my blog and follow if you like it? You can like my FB page as well:)

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