In the evening I like to wear dark colours (black,grey) or light ones (white,beige)but this time I decided to mix it a little bit so I wore the grey skirt and a white blouse.I always try to match the colours of the shoes with the belt and bag.I think It is important that they are in the same shade.
The blouse is very simple so I thought the "dolly","girly" skirt would match to it.
To make the outfit less boring I added the colourfull earings and pink bracelets.

                                                                  MY OUTFIT:
                                                    blouse - Emanuelberg
                                                    skirt - Massimo Dutti
                                                    belt - Massimo Dutti
                                                    shoes -
                                                    earrings -

Monsieur is a famous  magazine about men's fashion,cars,food and wine.
I have known it since I was 6 years old and been adoring the paintings.
They look very simple and clear but on the same time original.
The reason why I am writing about this is that I had the honor to met  mr. Francois Jean Daehn who is the director of the magazine and mr. Floc'h who (besides writing and making comics )is drawing for many years now the covers and many articles for Monsieur.


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such a pretty skirt! love!

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I love your style!

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Such a lovely skirt!! Like a princess! Would you like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin' and facebook?

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