Army & creme

While travelling I like to wear something comfortable but on the same time fashionable .
So this time I chose the army look.To make the outfit a bit softer I added the creme bag and shoes.Hope you like it :)

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Saranda Walgaard pisze...

Great comfy look!! I really like the creme bag & shoes in combination with the army colors! Just love it! <3


Christy Sidorova pisze...

Hey darling)
sure I would like to follow each other)already followed you))now its your turn)

Btw your blog is amazing))I love your style)

xoxo Christy

Isa pisze...

Hi Daria, sure we can follow each other =)

Maria Dehtiaruk pisze...

Nice post!
Do you want to follow each othe? Let me know!

Izabela Majkut pisze...

świetne zdjęcia ;) pasuje Ci taki militarny styl

+ obserwujemy?

Tania pisze...

i like all photos!

jermain haris pisze...

interesting post. how do I say no, if I myself liked this
how can dollar from microworker

Smilefoorme♥ pisze...

Świetna stylizacja i bardzo podobają mi się twoje buty ;)

Marcepanka pisze...

świetnie ! :)
obserwujemy ? :)

Izabela Majkut pisze...

jasne, że obserwujemy :) ja już:) teraz czekam na Ciebie :)

Jeannette pisze...

Really nice Look!!!

Karolina Pe pisze...

very nice ~~!
follow each other?\ :)

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