street style .paris.

I really like taking pictures and especially of interesting people.
Always when I travel I love to look for them and then ask them if I might take a photo of them.
Sometimes they do disagree but I tolerate it and I don't really care about that.

While I was in Paris I tried to take a lot of pictures of fashionable people but of course there were plenty of them so here you can see just a few photos.

One of my inspirations is the sartorialist  (  ) who is very famous and known by everyone who knows at least a little bit about fashion.
His photos have a big influence about the latest trends.
The Sartorialist is invited to all fashion shows and on his blog you find everything you should know about fashion.

 The two last pictures are taken in a shopping centre where suddenly the music started playing and some shop assistent were dancing.....and I just thought It looks cool!

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ChicStreetChoc Eriel pisze...

Wooow That's amazing!!

Kristina D pisze...

Sure, we can follow each other. I follow you now and waiting for your follow. xoxo Kristina

Claire pisze...

Hello Daria! I like so much your blog and in fact, this next week I'm goig to travel to France in a school exchange and I pass a day in Paris, so I was looking for some Parisian looks and suddenly you have commented in my blog and I have visited your blog and.. voilà! Luckily, I've found this post. I really love the first outfit.
Btw, I am following you<3

With love,

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Interesting outfits! And sure i wanna! I just followed you, please follow back ;)

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Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


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Hi there! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I'm following you now and would love it if you'd follow me back! :) I love these photos! I love seeing how people integrate bold, amazing fashion into everyday styles. Also, your name is one of my favorites in the world!

xox Sammi

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Hi,thank you for the lovely comment on my blog,btw I love your blog. And yes,following each other sounds good,I'm following you so please follow back! :)

collected by Katja pisze...

Crazy, funny and inspiring pics or rather people :-) ... Would appreciate to have you on my fashion blog <3 ... Kisses from Vienna, Katja

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Thank you for visit my blog and your lovely comment.
I really like your blog. You give me a lot of inspirations. That's cool.
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you have agreat blog..
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bianca f pisze...

lovely streetstyle pics!


Beautiful not perfeKt pisze...

Wow lovley pics
I follow you now and hope you visit my blog again.

Steven Brown pisze...

Hey ! :) I just adore your blog, the photography is great! I am following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Also on bloglovin, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr and even lookbook if you want :3 <3


Happie Reading pisze...

how fun! it is brave of you to ask people to take their photos! i want to try! love love the girl with pink and blue hair! So happy to have stumbled across your blog. It is delightful...and because of its delighful-ness I am your newest follower! hope you will stop by mine sometime & follow!

xo, Kelsey Belle

The Chic Etoile pisze...

Thanks for your comment!!!
Of course I want to follow each other!!! nOW i'M following you on GFC.
Waiting on your turn!!! ;) ;)


A N D Y S T Y L E pisze...

really nice pics ;)

Anonimowy pisze...

I love those pictures! Somewhen u have to take me to Paris!

Heino Kelling pisze...

ja, folge dir jetzt auch :)
Lust, noch bei meiner Blogvorstellung mitzumachen?

H O N E Y pisze...

dein block ist einfach einer von denen, die man stundenlang durchsehen kann und man einfach nicht müde wird von den bilder, dem design .. <3 follow u!

LoveT. pisze...

Amazing! Great Post!


Diego Dilani pisze...

Sehr sehr geiler post!
Würde ich auch voll gerne machen. Hätte ich nur die Zeit dazu einfach mal durch die Stadt zu laufen und schöne Menschen abzuknipsen! <3

Greta* pisze...

thank you for your comment too, and yes, of course we can follow each other;))x

Sabrina pisze...

Great photos! I never have the courage to go up to people to take their photo. Love the asian pair's shoes!

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Muñekita Cat pisze...

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Nina S. | LA STYLE MUSE pisze...

Lovely post! LOVE your blog !! <3


Wanna follow eaach other?

H O N E Y pisze...

love your photos, so inspiring!!

Einzelkind pisze...

Natürlich folge ich ;)

Liebste Grüße

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love your blog, if you also like mine, maybe we could follow eachother?

let me know!

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