Happy New Year 2013


2013 promises to be a year full of colourful,brave but also classic trends.
I showe you 6 styles for this year -You can try them out to be a step ahead then the whole world!
Do u have a favorite trend for the coming year? 




 If you go on a party and don't want to get a bad cold the best way is to wear these cool party pants intead of a dress or a skirt.Not only that they are comfortable and warm but they also look very stylish and fashionable.You can match the party pants with everything.
On these pictures you can see some methods.You can wear them in a simple or in a more excentric way. What's the best they are avaible almost everywhere:
Zara,Monki,Topshop,H&M,Esprit,Mango,Newlook  and many other shops.


                      Pump-Wedges are also named Pedges.
                     The best way to wear them is with 7/8 pants.
                     They just recently came out in shops and are seen on some fashion blogs.
                      Sandro,Zara and Stella McCartney are selling them.

                                                      BLACK LEATHER SKIRT

The leather skirt is very trendy already a long time but it doesn't pass so fast like other styles.
In 2013 it is going to be still very fashionable.New are the wide shapes like the midi lenght,volants and A-lines.The best styling hint is to wear them with nacked legs and with patterned silk blouses.



                                                                   JEANS BLOUSE

 The jeans blouse is already a base like the white blouse.It's simple and at the same time very  stylish.
Wearing them with black leather pants and high heels or sneakers will be the best way.
Everyone should have a jeans blouse in his wardrobe and even then he will be very individual because there are so many models and methods how to wear it and remember-the denim shirt will never be boring!! :)

                                               COLORFULL FAKE FUR                                             

Candice Lake

I like that trend a lot bacause I hope less people will buy real fur then!Beside that i think it looks cool and sometimes seems to be reall. The most important thing about that style is to mix the colours of the fell bravely and not to be afraid about that.

                                                                PASTEL + NEON


In the next season soft tones will be worn with explosiv colours.
The bright shades give neon lightness and something special.
 Sussie Bubble  perfectly shows the eccentrically side of the trend.
The two first pictures are more classic ways.

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