Merry Christmas

Hello ,I haven't been here for ages! I have had so much work at school that i didn't have time to make some pictures and my photo camera broke down recently!So unfortunately i have to do some photos with my phone or a borrowed camera. I am sorry for the bad graphics.

This year I spend Christmas  it in Czech Republic in my grandmother's house.
I wanted to make here a lot of pictures because the location is very nice and my grandma has many vintage things like a old telephone or a old record player but always when i am here i am very lazy!

This time I did fastly few photos just to show you my christmas outfit. I hope you like it!
write me in the comment what you think about it and how did you spend christmas?

My outfit:
skirt - Burberry
blouse - Kappahl
shoes - Banana Republic

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Pretty Mess pisze...

the skirt is beautiful!!!your blog is great and very inspiring! what about following each other?tell me if its ok for you!? have a nice day;D

BANGARANG pisze...

i follow u back dear :)

btw I like u outfit


smoky portraits pisze...

nice blouse!! it's so great!!

Fashion is for idiots [like us] pisze...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
Sure we can follow each other! I am following you now, waiting for you to follow back! x

fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]

Jadzia pisze...

very very nice;):)

Valentina pisze...

happy new year!!

Donna Iveh pisze...

like prints on your skirt! nice outfit, thumbs up

my blog is

Wanna follow each other on GFC,FB,Bloglovin´?
let me know dear

Happy New Year!

marenga pisze...

ale masz słodkiego psa, ojaojaa! ja mam beagle'a :D ładna jesteś, sympatyczna twarzyczka. :) Obserwuję i zapraszam na mojego bloga, jeśli Ci się spodoba - również obserwuj. :)

Paolo TheLookLover pisze...

Ciao!! I like so much this look and your blog,I'm your new follower! If you like my blog,I hope you'll will follow you back,kisses from Milano :) Paolo

ANDYSTYLE pisze...

great blog and of course I follow you ;)
pretty outfit ,follow back, happy valentines day!! andy

elfs-stilettos pisze...

I love your shih tzu <3

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