outfit 2

On the second day i wore my favorite outfit!I wanted to mix ballerina look with the sailor look and the dot trend! I don't know why, but i felt a little bit like Marilyn Monroe.
(my outfit:skirt-sisley,blouse-emanuelberg,shoes-vintage,bag-H&M)

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April Cheung pisze...

love your bag! and i love how your wedges have that ankle detail <3


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keijtieloves pisze...

very nice outfit :)

Olga pisze...

Hi!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I like your so much! of course we can follow each other!!

Flavia Flanders pisze...

What a cute outfit! Thanks for checking out my blog and sure, let's follow each other, I'm already following you :)
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jamie pisze...

such a pretty outfit =)

xx james

Anne pisze...

I follow your amazing blog right now!!


Merveilleuse. ♥ pisze...

uroczy outfit!
świetna spódniczka ;)

obserwuję i zapraszam do siebie ;)

Antonella Basile pisze...

Ciao grazie x la visita =) ti aspetto nel mio blog,ti seguo ! Ricambia baci cara <3

Nenka pisze...

chcę tą torebkę! :) obserwuję i zapraszam: www.nenkablog.blogspot.com

Viktoriya pisze...

thank you for your comment.amazing blog!I'm already following you

RedKat pisze...

great outfit! I love your style))))

Jen Kluftinger pisze...

Beautiful! I especially love the last picture.. So cute! Thanks for following my blog! Following you back :)


RoxxyC pisze...

Lovely blog :) xo

beluxedfashion pisze...

You look great! Love that bag. Followed you, follow us back? :)

sharee pisze...

hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog,

i just followed u thru gfc, hope u too. <3

sharee :)


HelenDushko pisze...

yep,followin' each other is a good idea and I'm your new follower!
Hope you'll do the same,


bleufountain pisze...

Genialna ta spódniczka :)
Mam jakiś problem z dodaniem Cię do obserwowanych, ale będę się starać to zrobić w końcu :(

Arianna Luisa pisze...

Ehi,thanks for your visit. Sure we can follow each other,your blog is so nice!:)

Duapara pisze...

hello! than you so much for your comment, Of course, you have a great blog, I´m following you dear.

Relly love your outfit and your style!


jenxxhope pisze...

thanks for the comment! i'll definitely follow you :) cute style btw!


Chezka pisze...

You look so pretty! I love how you mixed this outfit - the tutu skirt really went with the espadrilles and the cute top! lovely bag as well =)
- Che


Helmiina pisze...

Such a girly and cute look :-) Thank you for visiting my blog and following me! I'm following you back now;) xoxo

Fashion R&D pisze...

Love the whole outfit! LOVE!!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and yes, let's follow each other! I'm following you now on gfc and bloglovin!

Collections pisze...

LOVE this outfit, those wedges are fabulous.

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Anonimowy pisze...

Świetne zdjęcia... i buty!! Obserwuję!!

Insanely It pisze...

Love your satchel! :)
Thank you for stopping by! :) I am following back! ^^


sharee pisze...

Dear, i just followed u on GFC, thanks for the comment on my blog, hope youll do the same :)

MyCrushCouture pisze...

I think you have definitely achieved the look you were going for..Your skirt is so cute! I love the color and fabric..Great blog :)


Annia pisze...

I just found your blog!
I love it!

I made a blog a couple of months ago too!
I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
Thank you!!!


utkaaa pisze...

torebkę i spódniczkę masz wspaniałe :)
Pozdrawiam Julka :)

♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) pisze...

LOve love your bag! :D

backtofive's twitter

CLPig pisze...

love the look!
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♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) pisze...

Hello, anyway I have followed you, follow back? :D


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Mirandad pisze...

Ale cudna torebka ♥ Śliczny outfit!
Pozdrawiam, obserwuję i zachęcam do obserwowania mojego bloga :)


anna pisze...

Witaj Dario! :)

gdybyś była zainteresowana na moim blogu trwa aktualnie konkurs z sheinside.com, gdzie do wygrania jest bon o wartości 100$, zapraszam :)


pozdrawiam! :)

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