goodbye summer

 Hi,yestarday my friend Zuza made some photos in a quite summer set.I wanted to use the weather because i think it was the last sunny day. I was't sure how to match the skirt but then i found that awesome imagine and it inspired me.
We discovered that mysterious,magic place with an amazing atmosphere and decided to do the session there.
Few days ago i cut my hair!! I just wanted to shorten them but i didn't expect that they will be soo short!!Anyway i think it's just a question of time and i will get used to them!

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langkraw pisze...

Świetny zestaw, widzę ze mieszkasz w Polsce więc pisze po polsku:D
Stylizacja podobna do tej na dole lecz o wiele lepsza!
Widzę również że uwielbiasz sukienki i spódniczki, to tak jak ja :D
Dlatego dodaje do OBSERWOWANYCH i zapraszam do mnie:)

Caramel K pisze...

Dziękuję za odwiedzenie mojego profilu !
Cudowna stylizacja. :) Jestem na tak, więc obserwuję :))

Despina T. pisze...

i simply adore this skirt.amazing look!

Chazzycheese pisze...

Such a nice outfit!
Love it

Charlotte Xx

Ribambelle pisze...

The Pictures are so lovely!
Like your Blog

Would you like to follow each other? :)
Just let me know

Précindy Colas pisze...

You look so pretty and I love your skirt :)

Laura pisze...

What a beautiful skirt, I love the color! The pictures are awesome, you look dazzling and the background is so relaxed. I also love your latest post about the prints. Keep posting such great pics, your blog is wonderful. Feel free to check out mine ;) Kisses from New York City

Jessica pisze...

You look lovely... Love your style

I follow can you follow back?

Diana pisze...

Przepiękna spódnica i kolor idealny! Dziękuję za miły komentarz i oczywiście obserwuję :)

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