Snow White

Hi! I love watching fairy tales and especially Snow White.The movies "Mirror Mirror" and"Snow White and the huntsman" were my inspirations.
My friend Sasha did some pictures on wich i have dressed:
dress - Cubus
earings - H&M
bracelet - H&M

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Anonimowy pisze...

so creative!

! ▲ poppy miauczak ☾ † pisze...

jesteś śliczna! *.*

Sofie pisze...

You look beautiful! Love the theme :) ♥

Keit pisze...

Hahha, so cool and original!!! Love it, you really look like Snow White :P Following you now :)

Joanna´s Secret pisze...

Swietne zdjecia! Slicznie wygladasz:*

Obserwuje i zapraszam do siebie:)

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