Hi! :) I am now in Corsica!
It was cold and rainy most of the time but now it is getting better!
So I have some time to do a couple of photos and play with my new friend Garfield.
He is a sweet fat cat.

My outfit:
blouse - Zara
pants - Zara
bag - H&M
belt - Tara Jarmon
shoes - Second hand

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Lis▲ M▲rie pisze...

Nice pictures. ♥

Tamina pisze...

so funny and cute photos :-) btw your bag looks great

★ diyearte by L and S ★ pisze...

we follow you ;)

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Viktoria pisze...

Shoes - amazing :)

indie by heart pisze...

Really lovely photos :) Cute satchel!

Thank you for the comment. Are you following via Bloglovin or..? Following back ^^

Indie by heart

Caro.- pisze...

Nice shoes!!!!!

I´m following you!!!

Caro fron Buenos Aires.-

Vicky pisze...


The Golden Bun | new post | follow me

Carol pisze...

Great photos and cute cat!!

Tamina pisze...

dear daria, many thanks for your comment :-) of course we can follow each other? I've just started via GFC, hope you do the same soon :-)

Arika Yasmine pisze...

Oh my...
I love cats!
I was so shocked looking at the last picture of your fat Garfield yawning...
Too cute to be true :P

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