Valentino & Cavalli

I was very happy when i met Valentino and Roberto Cavalii in St-tropez!

Both started their career in the 60/70 but each their fashion collection is a source of inspiration to many young designers.

Roberto Cavalli


Who do you like more?

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Martiniss pisze...

I like both of them very much, but I think that Valentino it's more classy. Each show of his collection is amazing art full on inspiration, I love it :)

Disturbed Style pisze...

Great post! I love your photos :)

Fydez pisze...

Wow, you are very lucky to have met them! Love them both, but I incline more to Valentino's aesthetics. xx

just tututiny pisze...

wow so cool!

Hope you had a great New Year!

Maddie pisze...

Wow lucky you! It's such an opportunity to meet that inspirational people! hehe, I am jealous! :P

Plami pisze...

OMG You met Valentino!!! This is so amazing!! He's my favorite designer! I guess this answers the question who do I like more :)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Every reader and every comment means so so much to me!


Fashionfazed pisze...


Thank you for following my blog!!! I am now following yours :)

I noticed in your description box on the right you said you love travelling and fashion, we have that in common!

Love the last pink lace dress, so pretty! I like the concept on the whole lace fashion. Hopefully it becomes more prominent in high street stores.

Lots of love

alix fashion pisze...

wooooow! i want everything!

Lara pisze...

I didn´t know your blog! Following since now

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


whatbekkidid pisze...

Wow, I'm extremely jealous that you met Roberto Cavalli! He's one of my favourite designers xx

Modas_diva pisze...

Whaaaat you met Cavalli? I'm sooooooooo jealous! haha.

Great pics really!!!

***I follow you ! xxx


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